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Supporting Future Carbon Removal Facilities

Offtakes, also known as Advance Market Commitments, are agreements to purchase CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs) from new and innovative projects. This could involve a startup establishing its initial facility or an existing CORC supplier expanding its operations.

Buyers can use offtakes to secure priority access to cutting-edge projects, actively contributing to the growth of the carbon removal ecosystem. Puro.earth provides a service called CORC Offtake Allocation for buyers who support facilities through Offtake Agreements. This service ensures the smooth delivery of CORCs to buyers as soon as they are issued, instilling confidence in the Offtake Agreements. Delivery terms are communicated to Puro.earth, ensuring approval from all CORC buyers associated with the supplier's facility.

If you're interested in supporting future facilities with long-term offtakes, please reach out to our Offtakers and Investors Solution team.